Quest FAQ

What is the Quest

The Quest is a six-week experience that moves you through the materials on this website in a meaningful way to gain knowledge, skills, and resources to promote racial justice and activate systemic change in our communities. For 6-weeks, participants on the Quest will receive weekly newsletters that will guide them as they cultivate habits of consciously and consistently practicing antiracism. Each week’s newsletter includes a  welcome video from a community leader, a quotation to contemplate, a community assignment to complete, and questions for reflection and discussion. Over the course of six-week, participants will:

Week 1: Listen and learn about the experiences of others

Week 2: Define terms to guide and support community anti-racism initiatives

Week 3: Explore racial issues in specific contexts (i.e policing, healthcare, education)

Week 4: Locate local initiatives and programs

Week 5: Act in ways that promote antiracism

Week 6: Recognize the role of rest in promoting community healing

Who can be a part of the Quest? 

Anyone can participate in the Quest. However, materials and projects are most appropriate for people over the age of 18. 

How can I register for the Quest?

You can register for the Quest online.

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How can I host a small group or find a small group to join?

Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to join a Quest small group. Find a group that is meeting at a time that is convenient for you. Or, organize your own small group! Student organizations, local businesses, offices, neighborhoods, friend groups, or religious groups may commit to completing the Quest together. Email with questions! 


When does the Quest begin?

January 31, 2022.

Although the Quest is a 6-week experience, we hope the knowledge, skills, habits, and relationships developed on the Quest will continue to serve the participants and the community long after its completion. 

What do you hope people will experience in engaging with the materials on the Quest website?

Different people will have different experiences on the Quest. For some, the Quest might be about finding community and spaces of belonging. It might be about locating much needed resources to organize and implement for change. For others, the Quest might be an experience of personal reflection and growth. Taking on new perspectives and developing new habits or ways of moving through the world can be difficult. Our hope is that the Quest will meet people where they are and provide them with both moments of connection and moments of challenge. 

What do you want people to walk away with after completing the Quest?

Our desire is for people who complete the Quest to develop habits of consciously and consistently practicing antiracism at individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels. The Quest invites participants to build new relationships and connections, and when they complete the program, we expect participants to feel empowered and hopeful about the future of our community. Our hope is that when the Quest project ends the participants’ Quest toward racial equity continues, and they have the skills and resources to keep doing the work of making our communities more inclusive, equitable, and just.

If I have questions who can I contact?

The Quest project is being led by Dr. Danielle McGeough, Associate Professor of Communication and Media and is supported by the Provost’s Office. Please send any questions, joys, or concerns regarding the Quest to: